Driving Through Change

Welcome onboard – fasten your seatbelt ….we are going trough a period of turbulence! Change needed – resistance coming up. Have you ever encountered this situation at work? Yes? – well ….welcome to your managerial role!!

Increased need for change

Everything goes faster and faster and we are working more efficiently than we ever have. We have access to much more knowledge and a new app can revolutionize the world in a month! Progress pushes us all to adapt and to keep on moving.

The only thing that is constant is change – Heraclitus

The most complicated with change is that all humans beings take some time to adapt to change. We all need to go through the famous curve of change in all situations where we need to adapt to change – either it is in our personal life or at work. Sometimes we need a couple of seconds, other times, we need a couple of years – some people might never get to adapt.

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything – George Bernard Shaw

Your company and you as a manager need to face this rapid evolution and make sure the business adapts to the market needs. To make this happen, one of your biggest tasks will be to guide your team through the curve of change.

”Change in” management

So, it is a fact that the real risk is not to change. The complicated thing is to make it happen in the organisation. The first movement to do is that you as a manager have to believe the change is possible and that it will happen! Very often we tend to look at change management as something we as managers have to implement in the organisation.

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking – Albert Einstein

…so basically, this means that it all needs to start with a ”change in” management. Since change is a constant, that also mans that change management as such has become the regular form of management. First step in all change is to start with me, myself and I.

Change is nature and starts when we take the decision to change – Remy in Rotatouille

Every organisational change you make needs to be anchored in top management. The involvement from the top creates ownership in the organisation and will drive the process to a success.


You have decided that change needs to happen, change has started and the plan is made with all your attention and common sense….and then, you´re drawn back to the curve of change and you have to realize that:

Common sense is not so common – Voltaire

The rest of the organization might not think any change is needed. With all your personal enjoyment for change, you will then have to start communicating!
To change an organisation, you slowly but surely need to manage your colleagues through the turbulence of change and to show the important outcome change will bring.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change – Wayne Dyer

With you clear vision in mind, you need to listen, communicate, be patient, ensure you build the competency in the organisation and get people to follow your leadership.

Efficiency in change management requires consistent long term work and you have to take some actions every day. It is a tough task for all managers to hold the organisation through turbulent times. Keep focused and your gain will be the satisfaction when change comes through.

Without no struggle there can be no change – Frederick Douglass

… so – enjoy the ride, stay motivated and lift your organisation up where you belong…and climb the stairs every day!

Good luck with creating your adaptable organisation!