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Do you get an apple a day?

Do you have enough energy? What do you do to boost yourself? Do you get regular inspiration that empowers you as a leader? Does your organization get the necessary vitamins? Do you have a plan to energize your people to take action? The essence of leadership Leadership is about moving an organization towards good business […]

Are you still connected?

Did you remember to say thank you? Did you honour your previous company? What about your colleagues, are you grateful for what they gave you? Have you kept in touch with people you met in your career? Are you one of those who quit a company and never meet the people again? Connect with your […]

Did you say thank you and farewell?

Did you remember to say thank you? Do you honour the people leaving your company? Do you thank them for their daily support? Were you grateful of what they taught you? Do you have rituals for people leaving your company? Do you wish them good luck? Do you organise a farewell party? All employees in […]

Do you Prioritize your Integrity?

Have you thought through the consequences of your decisions? Do they match your values? Do you prioritize your integrity whenever you analyze the consequences of your decisions? How do you balance your business results through your attitude? As a leader you have to learn to prioritize and to say no every day. Do remember to […]

Are You still In Shock?

What happens when we start sliding into the curve of change? Why do we have different reactions to change? What does it take to get through each step of the curve? How can you as a manager best follow your organisation through the curve of change? The world is changing. People are in shock. The […]