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How to Succeed with Multicultural Teams?

What does it mean to be a global company? How do you best make multicultural teams perform? Why do some companies find value in having an international workforce? How come some companies succeed with their international workforce while others fail? With the current rapidity in technology development, it is more and more important to become international […]

Make Room for Great Team Experiences

Why is teamwork so important? What makes a team work better together? What does it mean to build a team? What kind of teambuilding’s should you organise? What is the definition of a great experience? Do you consider team events as a cost or an investment? What should a team event be? Is working in […]

Walk the Talk – your Organisation Mirrors your Behaviour

How important are your actions as a manager? Have you ever thought that the organisation is reflecting your behaviours? Are your actions visible through your organisation? What is your real impact? Does your personal development reflect in the organisation? We often speak about “walk the talk” – how widely do you interpret this statement? “Walk […]

Declutter your Business to Renew Energy!

Are you clear in what you are doing? Do you have the full overview of what your business contains? Do you have older data programmes still installed even though you have implemented new systems? Do you have filing cabinets full of things without knowing what? We often speak about capex and selling off the bigger […]

What does your Business Look like?

What is the first impression your customer gets of your business? Are you consciously creating a welcoming impression? Will your customers find their way easily? Are you aware of how all the employees in the business represent you towards the customers? As a manager, you have to constantly think marketing in order to get success. […]

Vacation Boosts Business

Are you enjoying some lazy days on the beach? Are you climbing the highest mountains? Are you taking some slow days off at home? Do you let your team enjoy their vacation? Is it so busy at work that you don’t take some days off? Are you aware of the benefits of vacation? The path […]

Brexit – Change Management Lost in Translation?

How easy is it to understand the consequences of our actions? Are we able to foresee the reactions from other people? Can we do something to make the world look different? Do we apply our knowledge about psychology and change management to all situations? These past days, there has been quite a lot of movement […]

Managers – Make your Company a Football Game!

Is your company functioning as a football team? Are you getting management inspiration from the game? Do you apply the same formula to prepare for success? Do you manage to pass on the same passion to your employees like they do in football? …these are all good questions to go through to prepare your company […]

LEAN Management

Are you a LEAN manager? Do you have a LEAN structure in your top management group? Did you apply LEAN when you created your organisation chart? Is LEAN anchored in your top management? Are you LEAN in the communication with your team? Do you apply LEAN to your own way of working? LEAN is a […]