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LEAN – Focus on the Client’s Needs

Is your company producing at is optimal? Do you now that experts have estimated the cost of poor quality to be 5 to 30% of gross sales for most companies. How should you go about to find where the cost is and how to reduce them? Do you at all believe that your organization has […]

10 Tips to Deal with Difficult Conversations

Are you one of those Managers that doesn´t like to perform difficult conversations? Why is it so hard to go into the difficult discussions? Are you nervous before you start the conversation? Do you feel uncomfortable? Well, feel reassured, you´re not alone! Performing the difficult conversation is one of the most challenging task a manager […]

Heartly Management Enables Change

How to best guide your team through change? Is there a key to open for change? Have you ever had these questions as a manager? The answer is YES, there is a key – people adapt to change when their mind and soul are aligned. In business we most often deal with the rational part […]

Driving Through Change

Welcome onboard – fasten your seatbelt ….we are going trough a period of turbulence! Change needed – resistance coming up. Have you ever encountered this situation at work? Yes? – well ….welcome to your managerial role!! Increased need for change Everything goes faster and faster and we are working more efficiently than we ever have. […]

Belonging Creates Success

Have you ever had that first day at work where you felt being an outsider? Everybody looks at you as new, different, not belonging to the group? Have you been the manager that needs to integrate a new person? Do you have team members that do not want to belong to the group? The sense of belonging is vital to ensure a team´s success.

Managers – You Set the Energy!

Have you ever come to work and had the feeling like you want to hide? Have you ever had a manager that sneaked into work every morning? What happens when your manager cheers hello in the morning?…and what do you feel like when the manager do not greet you in when getting into the office? […]

Management when Life Hits you Hard…

Work and personal life mingles…. and even more so in times of sorrow! As a manager you will at some stage for sure be confronted with the fact that a person brings their personal life at work – in good days and in bad times. When you become a manager, you promise to be true to your colleagues in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health…and that you will follow them during every day and in all circumstances.