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Why does 2+2 make 5 in leadership?

Do you find that your leadership style doesn’t always work? Do you search for new ways to exercise your leadership without finding a style that fits? Do you sometimes feel that you are out of sync? You’re right! Be reassured, it is normal – one size, one color and one style does not fit all! […]

Is your company happy? 🗺

If your company could express its wishes, what would it say? Is it happy with its strategic direction? Does it fulfil its mission? Do you follow the flow of where it wants to go? What does your company want? Did you adapt your strategy accordingly? Would you take the time to listen to your company […]

Did you say thank you and farewell?

Did you remember to say thank you? Do you honour the people leaving your company? Do you thank them for their daily support? Were you grateful of what they taught you? Do you have rituals for people leaving your company? Do you wish them good luck? Do you organise a farewell party? All employees in […]

Are You still In Shock?

What happens when we start sliding into the curve of change? Why do we have different reactions to change? What does it take to get through each step of the curve? How can you as a manager best follow your organisation through the curve of change? The world is changing. People are in shock. The […]

Do You Create the Right Mind-Set?

Did you know that your mind-set is contagious? Have you measured the increased results of positivity? Is your glass half full or half empty? Do you bring your smile at work? Do you engage your colleagues? Do you take the time to create a good day? Most leaders focus on achieving positive results at the […]

Did you Budget the Human Factor?

Are you in the middle of the yearly busy budgeting days? Have you found the perfect formula? Do you have the magic stick that makes all figures fall into place? Is the budget balanced? Did you include the human factor? Most companies have a budget. They are all more or less looking the same. All […]