Declutter your Business to Renew Energy!

Are you clear in what you are doing? Do you have the full overview of what your business contains? Do you have older data programmes still installed even though you have implemented new systems? Do you have filing cabinets full of things without knowing what? We often speak about capex and selling off the bigger expenditures – what about all the small stuff around? What does it do to your business?

Business goes faster and faster – time is a critical factor and all your employees needs to quickly be able to turn around and to adapt to new situations. One thing that holds people back from moving forward is clutter in the business.

Cost and Consequences of Clutter

When you live surrounded by clutter, it is difficult to have clarity about what you are doing in your life. How often does it happen that you look at the bunch of papers on the corner of your desk and your think “I’ll go through it tomorrow morning”. How much energy will you spend on cleaning your desk? How many times will you stop the process and happily be interrupted? And what about the stress when you think that you might overlook something important in the pile? …this has happened to me quite some times!! …and if it happens to me – I know for sure that it has happened to my employees. How much time will this cost the company? – and how many tasks aren’t done?

Clutter is symptomatic of delayed decision-making – Cynthia Kyriazis

…and desks are only a small part of the delayed decision making that I have encountered – what about the PC desktops, full mailboxes, filing cabinets filled with old stuff…have you ever thought that this slows down the energy in your company and that it actually has a cost?

Let It Go

In all companies I have worked in throughout my career, I have participated in implementing new systems. This is most often very welcomed – as long as they are adapted to the tasks that need to be performed.

The most complicated part of the implementation process is often to let older systems go. I have more than once experienced that people want to hold on to what they used to work with in addition to the new systems. The best example is probably when you get a new IT system that keeps track of everything…and people still hang on to printing out their emails….just in case, or just because that’s the way we’ve always done it, or simply because we prefer paper that we can physically hold in our hands.

What is essential is invisible to the eye – Le Petit Prince

It is a managerial responsibility to work through the changes and let it go – either it’s to shut down old IT systems, trash old tools or it’s to change old habits… and yes, I perfectly know that the last point is one of the most challenging tasks you get as a manager.

All top managers easily declutter when it concerns huge capex investments. Keep in mind that the small costs also need to be cleared away, as all combined, they are far too expensive to maintain – and believe me – everyone will become far more productive!

Declutter for Efficiency

Decluttering should regularly be on management’s agenda as a part of increasing productivity in the organisation. A better productivity will increase employee satisfaction and largely reduce costs.

Out of clutter, find simplicity – Albert Einstein

Some excellent ways to get out of clutter and find simplicity is to have a clean desk policy, become paperless and to create common systems to save electronic communication and documents.

It is all about creating a business culture and implementing a common way of working that invites new energy into your business.

….and always remember that your business never becomes clearer than you are as a person and manager – so start with yourself when you are rested and back from holiday.

Good luck in creating clarity and space in your organisation that opens for new possibilities!