Heartly Management Enables Change

How to best guide your team through change?
Is there a key to open for change? Have you ever had these questions as a manager? The answer is YES, there is a key – people adapt to change when their mind and soul are aligned.

In business we most often deal with the rational part of the human being. Traditional business communication is focused on the rational mind. We use words and a rather formal language to communicate. This is a narrow interpretation about how to manage people.

A heartly dimension

People all have a heart, a soul and feelings. This part of the human being needs to be seen and recognized in order to make change happen. It is not sufficient for your team to understand that the change is needed or what needs to be done….

… they also need to feel it´s right. People need to feel like people. To do so they need to have their heart saying yes. They need to feel it´s right. In a way, it needs to be right for what we define as the ”gut feeling”.

A confused mind says no. In order to get people to change, you need to communicate with the intellectual mind and the soul to get people onboard.

Manage with heart

The marketing business is a part of business life that has understood that to get the message through you have to speak to another level than the rational mind. If you integrate this philosophy into your daily management , you will be able to reach people´s heart.

To be able to reach other people´s heart, you´ll need to manage with your heart. You need to listen to people and understand their needs. You need to know your people. You need to show them that you care. You need to be honest and manage with integrity. You need to be yourself and trust your gut feeling.

Be the change you want to see in the world – Mahatma Ghandi

To enable change, you need to hold the rest of the organisation, be the motivator , being visionary and positive . For this to happen you need to radiate your own motivation, your beliefs and your heart. This gives charisma and leadership. At that moment you will be able to move your team in the right direction.

Recognize the quality

A lot of business is driven by financials. That is a fact and needs to be that way – but still, it doesnt mean that you cannot integrate the heart at the same time. Too often managers focus too much on the financials and too little on people´s feelings. Very often, the argument is that we do not have the time or we do not want to be in the feeling business. These managers might do everything right – but, they will upset their teams on its way – this is costly.

So, guess what? – the quickest and cheapest way to make people adopt new changes is actually to focus on a heartly management.

Boards and recruiters should value and search for the managers that integrates their heart in their daily life. These managers are able to lead people through on rough seas. Too often, this quality is overlooked and the focus is on the hard knowledge whenever a manager is chosen.

Future needs

The worldwide economy is going through big changes. Technology develops fast. We are participating to the brain revolution where more and more is done by robots. Change has become the only constant and people need to adapt.
The managers of the future needs to be good change managers. Managing through change is a tough task – the reward is that whenever you have managed your team through a storm you become a better manager and you´ll get a successful business!

So – hang on – keep steady – balance the hard facts with your heart and you´ll soon be your organisation´s best change manager.

Good luck with your heartly management!