Is there energy for creativity in your organization?

Do you sometimes just feel drained? Your energy seems to have totally vanished? The feeling of having no space left for creativity in your head? Your body just walks around with no focused purpose. You just feel like swimming around like a jellyfish with only one brain cell?

I know that feeling, and I know that quite a few of you have probably encountered the same feeling at one stage.

Get the Brain Back in Business

We tend to get a lot of advices through all kinds of media on how we can cope with low energy. We daily get tons of suggestions on how to boost our bodies for our brains to get back into shape.

Many of us tends to test all kinds of methods, food, sports and voodoo to get back that feeling of mastering our body. We simply hate the feeling of being a jellyfish!

The thing is, we are so desperate to run away from that feeling that we tend to try all remedies at once. We get a blooming start…and then, after some days, we kind of lose attention and we forget about following up on all our remedies. As a result, more than once, we fail.

Structure is the Key to Success

The reason we fail is that we tend not to structure the way we use all the remedies. We fail because we do not set up a plan that is easy to integrate into our daily routines.  We fail because we do not manage to keep up the good work we started. As a result, we fail to get our energy back!

Much of our brainpower goes unused, and many people could benefit greatly from optimizing their mental assets – Walter O’Brian

As much as human beings have that feeling of being exhausted, I believe that organisations quite often tend to feel the same way.  When the employees of a company feels like jellyfishes it tends to be a reflection of a lack of structure.

Each organisation must have a clear set up. It has the function of a spine. It holds the organisation. As a consultant, I regularly meet with companies that lacks clarity in their structure. As a result, employees do not get the possibility to use their full potential. They spend the extra energy on walking around trying to do their best. Without a structure, they use all their brainpower on trying to keep up with just doing. There is no space for creativity and people in the organisation tend to move around like jellyfishes.

Leadership Boosts Energy

Creating a clear energetic structure in the organisation liberates brainpower. People will get the possibility to use their potential constructively. Creating a clear structure gives people the opportunity to positively focus their energy in the right direction.

Leadership is about serving others. Serving your colleagues means to give them the opportunity to have space, structure and energy for creativity. It is a leader’s task to create that structure in which people can use their potential in a focused way that benefits the organization.

Structure is the art of leadership. It is about creating the framework in which people should operate. The framework defines how we do things in our organization. It links all the elements together in a way that benefits the purpose of the business.

By creating this structure, leaders opens for connecting people to the organization in a new way. It opens new possibilities and most importantly, it opens for renewed creativity which can serve the business mission!

Good luck in creating a structure boosting your organisation’s creativity!


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