Make Room for Great Team Experiences

Why is teamwork so important? What makes a team work better together? What does it mean to build a team? What kind of teambuilding’s should you organise? What is the definition of a great experience? Do you consider team events as a cost or an investment? What should a team event be? Is working in a team the same as creating results together as a team?…and why would you even try to form a team?

Building teams that work well together is a crucial task for all leaders. Creating the glue that makes the organisation move forward is key to achieve sustainable results.

Come Together, Right Now… and Daily Bonding

We often tend to think of team building as an extraordinary event that people are looking forward to. Some events might even include climbing the highest mountain together or to do all sorts of fun group activities in accordance with the climate and traditions of your culture.

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way – Napoleon Hill

It is also important to emphasise that a great team building experience may also just include smaller daily moments. A morning coffee with your colleagues, a chocolate party on Fridays, a cake for birthdays, an ice cream in summer days – only your imagination limits the possibilities.

Positive anything is better than negative nothing – Elbert Hubbard

To build a team you have to create a good daily environment. You have to create a transparent and open communication. Our environment shapes our behaviour….and if your team enjoy the daily moments together – they are more likely to be able to appreciate the bigger projects together.

Special Occasions to Glue your Team

Special occasions are excellent possibilities to build team spirit. Celebrate work that you have achieved together, milestones in a project, new clients or any kind of good news is excellent to keep the drive in the team.

This of course, can be an occasion for a big splashy event, but it could also just be another possibility to facilitate a great day. I have had excellent results in using different occasions to build my team. It could be everything from handing out a small chocolate, giving everybody a rose or leave little surprise or a word on the desk.

Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely – Auguste Rodin

Obviously this shows that you care about them as humans and that you appreciate their work. It is amazing how this also creates an occasion for good laughs in the corridors and an excellent opportunity to build the daily team glue. Another positive reward is that your team members will start copying your behaviour amongst themselves – which creates an even greater team environment.

Productive Teams through Activity

Throughout my career I have participated and organised quite a few team building events. My experience is that those who have the best long term effect are those where you build the competency of the group.

As a certified trainer of a team management profile tool – I have had excellent management experience in getting people to know each other through their work preferences. The team members get a better understanding of their relations…and very often I have experienced people saying: “Oh, that is why you always do…” or “I understand why I react this way when you do…”

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people – Eleanor Roosevelt

Building the competency as a team can also result in forming good work processes together. You get to discuss ideas and new ways of achieving results. Combined with a work preference tool, you get to construct the team based on who is best at a specific task. As a result the internal process and flow is improved.

Team buildings where you increase the competency and build a common structure to create common trust.

From Team to Unity – Move the Organisation

Team building is creating a group that moves in the same direction. The result is that the sum of individual efforts bypasses the mathematical total sum and the team unity increases the total results.

Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved – Mattie Stepanek

So, consciously building your team is an investment that is critical to maintain the flow and productivity in your company!

… and remember that to get your people motivated to go the extra mile – you have go the extra mile first!

Good luck in creating good dynamics and efficient teamwork in your organisation!



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