Managers – Make your Company a Football Game!

Is your company functioning as a football team? Are you getting management inspiration from the game? Do you apply the same formula to prepare for success? Do you manage to pass on the same passion to your employees like they do in football? …these are all good questions to go through to prepare your company for your league. Team games are excellent observatories when you want to become even better in what you do every day!


Vision and focus in team games are extremely clear. All players focus on going in the same direction as a team. They move forward together to win the game. In order to achieve this, they dream big! This is how even small teams make extraordinary results. They go fully into the game, not only on a technical and physical level, but also mentally. They are all visualise what they should achieves on an individual basis and together as a team throughout the game.


All players have a clear position – and unless something exceptional occurs – they stick to their position and trust that their colleagues do the same thing. The position descriptions are clear and all know exactly what is expected of them at all times. The players trust each other and they all know that they have to play together to get the best result. In the best performing teams, there is not one star – but a bunch of motivated players that focus on making each other better. They help each other out – and every now and then, they clearly show that they care for each other.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people – Steve Jobs

The players are the ones who provide the visible result. It is though important to recognise the importance of having a good working support team in addition to the operational team. The operational and the support functions are equally important. The full team creates good team spirit on the field as well as outside the game to provide the best results at all times.


In order to obtain this excellent sense of team – professional team sports consciously create culture. All the team players focus on an activity they are passionate about, they have fun and they enjoy every game. The whole surrounding team is ensuring that the players are in their best shape and have a great day when they shall perform.

In order to keep the team together, they have common habits, motivational gimmicks and chants  as rituals outside the field, before and after the games and of course when they make a goal.The players cheer their own performance as highly as their team member´s successes. Rituals are an important element of creating a common culture.

The team keep together in good times and in bad times. They pass quickly on individual mistakes and get quickly back into the game. They accept a defeat, analyse it and move on. They do not yell and they keep positively focused on the future. Good teams knows that each game needs renewed concentration and that nothing should ever be taken for granted. They keep going until the end with the same energy to deliver results. They have faith in the long term and celebrate each game on their way towards a champion status.

A team which is totally unknown can get to become famous over night when they do an excellent performance. As a coach, you have to be ready to follow your teams in their success!


The role of the coach is fundamental to make the players deliver. It is a golden rule to be a coach inn all moments – in good and bad! Well respected coaches lead their team with passion, positivity and clarity.

A coach needs to keep the full overview and be able to take rapid decisions whenever required. In order to take the best decisions at all times, they also have a clear plan for specific situations – corners and off- side traps needs to be prepared in advance – who and to whom, of course depending on where they are in the game.

To make all these choices the coach need know their players. They know what motivates them, their qualities and what makes them perform better. They give constructive feedback at all times.

The coaches’ biggest responsibility is to select the players, make sure they are fresh and dear to renew the teams when needed….and then:

Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play as a team is another story – Casey Stengel

The magical coaching formula to make people play as a team is to combine individual and team coaching. Each player should get constructive feed-back. Individual positive feedback is also given in front the whole team. All together they review what they can do better as a group. The combination ensures that the individual commitment to the team effort increases and that all the team members together boost their results.


Train, train and train….is the best formula for success. Physical, technical and a psychological training. Professional teams prepare for success and all details are reviewed.

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit – Aristotle

Coach, support team and team players continuously catch people in doing something good – remark it to the rest of the team in order to make sure they can train to do it again. They train to follow the rules and on removing bad habits to avoid negative consequences. They get trained in keeping an eye on the competitors, but most of all, to concentrate on their own game and actions!

Being a football coach or a manager in your company keeps you busy, and you continuously also have to personally keep focus, stay positive and train.

…and by the way – if your better half, your family and friends tells you that you are watching too much football these days….your brilliant excuse would be that you are participating to a training on how to become a good team manager.

Good luck in creating a passionate and heartly team spirit in your organisation!