Managers – You Set the Energy!

Have you ever come to work and had the feeling like you want to hide? Have you ever had a manager that sneaked into work every morning? What happens when your manager cheers hello in the morning?…and what do you feel like when the manager do not greet you in when getting into the office?

…. Managers: you set the standard!

Managers are human beings as everybody else….and yes, that is true! We often therefore think that they can act like all human beings every day. There is though a big difference in being a manager and being a regular employee: the manager set he standard!

How often have we heard that you have to ”walk the talk?”

Managerial DNA

Being a manager could sometimes be compared to being a parent. All the kids see what you do, hear what you say and copy your attitude – they link the seeing, hearing and attitude every day. When it comes to a company and a manager it is the same thing. The manager sets the DNA in the company every morning and at every single moment. As a manager, you create the photosynthesis of the company – this is a crucial element in creating a productive work environment and letting go of bad environments.

All human beings can choose their state of mind every day…. and yes, sometimes this is really tough!!…. still, we can choose our state of mind. As a manager you can choose to come to work in a positive mood and greet all your colleagues with a positive ”Good morning”!

Bad days – happens to everybody

Yes, all managers also have bad days!!…. and it is OK that all colleagues gets to know that you’re a human being. Even though, you can still choose to say good morning and see every person when you get to work! It is a part of you job description and it might be just the boost your colleagues needed that day to be able to produce good work!

As a manager, you pretty much set he standard of how your colleagues’ workday is going to be! Sometimes you will need to breath twice in the lift and in front of the door before going into the office and greeting you colleagues with a ”Good morning”. Some days it will be easy… and some days, you really have to pick yourself up to make it happen.

The feeling of wanting to stick to the wall and being nobody special also hit managers… the thing is: you’re still a manager in difficult days!

Setting the energy and stating a clear ”good morning” will for sure make the day of several of your colleagues. It simply sets the standard for the day!

Setting the positive an energetic standard everyday requires an awareness of who you want to be as a manager. You have to decide who you want to be and what kind of results you want your colleagues to produce every day. This requires a personal decision. It is a part of your vision, mission, works statement and objectives as a manager!

Keeping up provides good work

… and then, you have to be consequent on the long term to be credible. You have to decide which kind of DNA you want to put into the team and the daily work performance. You have to decide that the morning has a positive light and that it is going to bring the creativity and natural growth that your team and company needs.

Managers – you set he standard! You start and make the day of a lot of people. You create their mood. You enhance their productivity. You provide them with a smile. You make them feel important. You make them produce results. You give them a good day…. all this will positively backfire and give you a positive day and good business results!

Good luck with your good mornings and setting the standard DNA for your team´s daily production!