Did you prepare for your climbing challenges?

Did you have any new year’s resolutions for your company? What kind of mountains are you about to climb in 2017? Did you write your objectives? Did you share them with your employees? Do you enjoy the challenge?…and most importantly, did you prepare for it?

The good thing with getting into a new year is that we get new possibilities to get the business going.

Prepare for climbing new challenges

All climbing expeditions prepare their mountain trip in advance. As a manager, one of our biggest roles is to ensure that the rest of the team has the necessary equipment to succeed with their part of the climbing.

The technical equipment needs to be in place. As a consultant, I have more than once met with managers stating they cannot afford to buy updated equipment. I usually reply “Did you calculate the cost of not doing it”? It might be that new technology make you much more productive, hence, the investment cost can actually trigger a total cost reduction.

There’s always the question of how to begin, you have to be very precise – Bert Hellinger

In order to ensure you succeed, your work processes should also be reviewed and probably simplified according to the objectives. It is important that you as a Manager take the lead in this process to make sure you create the necessary focus. Your people need to see you as a driver to choose to be a part of your team.

Get your support team onboard

It is easy to set objectives. Too often, as Managers we pass them on to the organisation without giving the framework. It is so clear in our head, that we forget to inform people why each and everyone is important to reach the top together. Your team needs to know what they should provide in order to make the team succeed together.

Another important managerial task is to ensure your team members have the necessary preparation to be able to achieve their objectives. They might need to be trained in new technologies. They might need to become better to communicate. They might need a coach or a mentor to mentally prepare for the ride. Mental training is a key part to succeed.

Physical strenght will get you to the start line, but mental strenght will get you going

Be honest with your people about challenges. You have to prepare the organisation that an additional mountain might pop up. They usually come from nowhere, and you have to deal with them in parallel. Your people need to be warned upfront to quickly get onboard.

Your role as a leader

Your enthusiasm spreads quickly. You have to enjoy the view of the challenge! You’re supposed to be the driving force. You need the extra energy to make people walk the extra mile.

More than once I have experienced  those tough days as a Manager when it is difficult to breathe, hard to motivate others, difficult to work. Make sure you have an internal or external person in the team that motivates you when you are down.

You need to show your team that you take action on planned objectives immediately. Sooner is better than later. You want your people to copy you to keep the momentum. Do as a flower: the flower does not believe it will blossom and think it has to wait. If you wait, the energy will be gone.

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls – Joseph Campbell

Good luck with your climbing challenges!


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