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Successfull Business – can you Manage the Balance?

Ever had the feeling that some things didn´t turn out right in your business or in a business relationship? Did it feel like a colleague got a more favorable treatment than you? Do you, as a manager, do all the work on behalf of your team? Are you being paid enough for the service or product you´re selling? Does the market recognize your business?

All these questions are the same as the ones we encounter in our personal life. Does it feel like you are doing much more at home than your partner? Do you feel like your sons soccer coach treats other kids more favorably? Do you have the feeling that your parents favored one of your siblings?

It is all a question of balance – the balance between giving and taking.

Per definition human beings needs balance to function physically and chemically. This is also valid for any interaction we have with other people including a business relationship. When we give something to someone, we need to receive something back. In some situations, this could be a simple reward like a ”thank you.” Other times it could be a favour. In a business situations, this return could be done by exchanging ideas, giving back support or simply paying for a service or a product you just received.

What gets very interesting is when the other person or organization lacks the ability to give back something that equals what you gave them. In those situations, we are often bound by our chemical need to give something back. And as a result we might start returning some kind of negativity.

This principle of balance between giving and taking is important when it comes to running a business. As a manager you might have employees that do not deliver what they should. As a consultant I have met with so many managers that claim they do everything to please their employees – and yet the employees still don´t produce the work that is expected of them. Sometimes it even goes so far that the manager ends up doing their jobs for them.

So – how about doing less as a manager? The more you do your team member´s job – the less they will deliver. Not possible you say? Yes, unfortunately it is. It is all about coming back to what they should do and what you should not. It is always your own responsibility, as a person and a manager, to find that balance between giving and taking.

Other times, in order to re-create a balance, you might have to do more. This is typically the case when a business is downsizing. Even though you think you have communicate enough as a manager, there is often complaints in the organization that there should be more communication. In this case, your colleagues actually want more information from you and the negative feed-back is valid.

As a business manager, a colleague, a family member or just being responsible of your own life – you can take on responsibility to create the needed balance. This work til help you obtain balanced results and building a safe bridge over troubled water.

The same balance is necessary for your business. As a business manager you should find the point where your relationship to your clients and suppliers is equal. The higher the balance is between yourself and your interlocutor – the better the relationship and the more successful your business will become!

Good luck in creating balance in life and in business!