What does your Business Look like?

What is the first impression your customer gets of your business? Are you consciously creating a welcoming impression? Will your customers find their way easily? Are you aware of how all the employees in the business represent you towards the customers?

As a manager, you have to constantly think marketing in order to get success. Good marketing should be considered as a whole –it should be made much larger than what we traditionally do.

The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing  – Tom Fishburne

First Impression and Energy Flow

There are some invisible dynamics that get your attention that we often fail to include in marketing concepts. Not too long ago, I visited a bank that had recently opened in a new location. The building was very modern and had a nice design. The architect still failed thinking of the clients while designing the building. As a result, I had difficulties finding the main entrance.

The bank had integrated the fact of moving into their marketing and they had done a lot of publicity for the opening of the new location… but still, the most important is that the energy finds it’s way through the door.

My advice to the bank was simply to set big flower pots in front of the door to make the customers find the entrance – this would be an easy way to get the customers’ attention to find their way to consumption. Clients only come in where the energy opens for it.

Transform your Vision into Impressions

All employees should also have an energy that creates a good first impression. This requires that your vision of the company is clearly communicated to all employees – and they should be trained to live the vision in their daily working life.

During these vacation times, I recently was out travelling and saw an awesome decoration with balloons in an airport shop. I went over to one of the salespersons and asked whether I could take a picture. She did not know what to answer so she went to ask a colleague. They were young and unsure … a young shop manager came and clearly stated that I could not take any picture in the shop.

Never forget that you only have one opportunity to make a first impression – with investors, with customers, with PR, and with marketing – Natalie Massenet

I wondered if this was included in the vision of these shops on an international basis? …. a picture could have become excellent publicity for the shop. It could have been viewed as an additional service… and instead – I left the shop with a negative impression and bought nothing. The employees were clearly not trained to live the shop’s vision.

Attitude, Quality & Dream to the Fingertips

Each company should have a training program where the vision gets transformed into conscious attitude amongst all the employees. I had the pleasure of starting my career with Walt Disney’s European marketing department. They create their vision into a dream every day. All the employees are consciously trained to create a magical energy in order to make all their customers live a dream.

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference – Winston Churchill

This is a valid statement in all businesses, not only in service. All the best industry companies manage to convey their vision through their products and employees. I have spent a big part of my career in a company where we got trained to integrate quality in all processes. The quality attitude has for years been one of the selling arguments in this business.

– a professional company attitude always opens for possibilities!

Create the Energy

The energy can be created in the physical world – and could be everything from a red carpet in a hotel or a restaurant to flowers by the door of a bank or a welcoming smile in a shop – the most important is that the energy makes people stop and enter your business.

The same is valid on Internet. The way you present your company creates an energy that invites customers. Social media have become one of the basic means in marketing – it is even more important now to train your people to adopt the vision to the fingertips! If you want to stand out of the crowd you need to create good energy to maintain a positive word of mouth.

As a top manager, it is your responsibility. It is crucial that you create the attitude and integrate the importance of energy to boost business. And remember that when you create energy:

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance ― Coco Chanel

Good luck in creating a welcoming attitude and a positive energy!