Why does 2+2 make 5 in leadership?

Do you find that your leadership style doesn’t always work? Do you search for new ways to exercise your leadership without finding a style that fits? Do you sometimes feel that you are out of sync?

You’re right! Be reassured, it is normal – one size, one color and one style does not fit all!

Style varies from person to person

Although kids might be raised in the same environment, with the exact same parents, you cannot necessarily apply the same parental style. Your style even varies with the age of the kids, with their interests and their personality. It depends on the country and the era in which the kids get raised. It is certainly very different in these technical days than some years ago! The way your your kids gets raised, also varies with the surroundings and the schooling. In addition, we change as parents. We become more confident, hence the children get a different framework.

At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents – Jane D. Hull

Leadership is often like parenting. Your involvement counts. You should adapt your communication to each person, too their situation and to their work preferences. All employees are different. The framework in your business is the same for all, but you still have to find the key that fits each and every employee to make them perform at their best every day!

Leadership adapted to the organizational setting

What makes leadership even more complicated, is that you must do the same exercise with your business. The way you lead depends on the history of the organization, the age, it’s experience in the market, it’s surroundings and the market situation.

Leading a new company requires a different style than leading an “old and wise” company. Leading a steady organization leaves you the possibility to delegate responsibility. Leading in tough times, crisis and bad market situations requires a tighter and more direct leadership than in good times. Leading organizations going through mergers require balancing between two cultures. Different cultures also sometimes requires different leadership styles.

Everything has a cycle and a season –  Ty Dolla Sign

Just like nature adapting to the seasons, you should adapt your leadership. There is not one style fits all situations!

Your personal leadership

During history, there has been a lot of different leadership styles that have been put forward as the correct form of leadership. There is not one secret solution… if that had been the case, only one leadership book would exist!

In addition,  to adapting to the organization and the people, you have your personal leadership style. Your style will also depend on the organization in which you operate. So yes, sometimes leadership just feels complicated. It requires a conscious strategy to find the right way to lead at each moment. You should adapt your style to your people, to your organization and to your market situation to continue to deliver results!

One of my greatest fears is not being able to change, but to be caught in a never-ending cycle of sameness. Growth is so important – Matt Dillon

Sameness is dangerous in leadership. It makes business stagnate. It closes the door to good results and growth. Hence 2+2 makes 5, or at least rarely 4 in leadership. There is never a right answer, it always needs to be adapted. You must ensure you choose a conscious way of leading and that you tailor-make your leadership.

Good luck in adapting your leadership style to your own personal style!


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